Informujemy, iż w grudniu opublikowana zostanie praca autorstwa Dagmary Lewickiej, Joanny Zarębskiej, Romana Batko, Beaty Tarczydło, Macieja Wożniaka, Dariusza Cichonia, Moniki Pec

Circular Economy in the European Union Organisational Practice and Future Directions in Germany, Poland and Spain


Circular Economy in the European Union: Organisational Practice and Future Directions in Germany, Poland and Spain presents the EU’s journey towards a Circular Economy (CE), identifying significant organizational practices in this gradually adopted field among member countries.

The book also aims to develop and propose innovative initiatives and practices for implementing CE across various economic sectors in selected EU countries, such as Poland, Spain and Germany. Covering topics which include the implementation of CE in the EU and worldwide, green employee behaviors, corporate social responsibility in creating pro-environmental attitudes and models of eco-digital factory transformation in SMEs, the book emphasizes the importance of innovative, environmentally friendly, low-waste, and low-emission technologies. Consisting of thirteen interconnected chapters, it discusses the challenges and opportunities of CE, the importance of business engagement in addressing social and environmental problems, and provides practical examples of innovative solutions in various sectors.

This volume will be of great interest to students and scholars of circular economy, corporate governance, business ethics and sustainable business, as well as entrepreneurs, managers, government representatives, and non-governmental organizations active in CE.

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