Informujemy, iż opublikowana została praca: Rutkowska, M.; Bartoszczuk, P.; Singh, U.S. (2022). An Empirical Analysis of Renewable Energy Contributions Considering Green Consumer Values—A Case Study of Poland. Energies 15(3), 1027.


This article examines the acceptance of renewable energy in the adoption of the climate package, taking into account the GREEN consumer values among consumers in Poland. The research problem addressed in this paper relates to the measurement of consumer values in terms of the GREEN concept; specifically, consumer acceptance of the available offerings provided by real businesses. In addition, consumer needs are important in terms of ensuring the acceptance of renewable energy, which will create opportunities for its production in the context of the Fit 55 climate package. The study formulates some research questions and hypotheses to justify the concept with empirical data by applying statistical tests. The study is presented in several sections with a detailed presentation of secondary and primary data. The main outcome of the research is based on the primary data using a structured survey questionnaire administered in Poland and 557 collected samples. Nowadays, the responsibility also lies with consumers, as green consumption will entail green production. The research concludes that Poland’s consumers have a good level of acceptance of RES, based on the current green energy situation of Poland, which may lead to sustainability and will benefit policy makers in government, corporations and end consumers.

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