Informujemy, iż opublikowana została praca: Rutkowska, M.; Bartoszczuk, P.; Singh, U.S. Management of Green Consumer Values in Renewable Energy Sources and Eco Innovation in India. Energies 2021, 14, 7061.


Renewable energy sources are ecological and sustainable solutions accepted with a common consensus under the sustainable development goals. Energy source exploration has enforced the human race to think about sustainable energy production as fossil fuels are non-renewable and are having a negative impact on ecosystem. Consumer needs and wants are the key for acceptance of renewable energy and making production a possibility. The real challenge is with the consumer market for the acceptance of green energy. The current research is based on the concept of GREEN consumer values synergizing with renewable energy sources, and eco innovation for sustainability in India. The crucial point of study is assessing GREEN consumer values which are the determining factor for consumption. All five renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass) have received a higher level of acceptance by respondents which shows that India is on its way to enhancing its capacity for renewable energy. Indian consumer values are very much aligned with eco sustainability, and the market is ready to consume renewable energy.

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